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Private Jet Charter Safety, Convenience, and Transparent Wholesale Pricing

Private Jet Charter Flights - Able American JetsA New Paradigm in Private Jet Charter Flights – “Safety, Convenience, and Transparent Wholesale Pricing“ 

Our private jet charter flights are not about price, they’re about safety, transparent wholesale pricing, and customer delight. If you’re looking for a bargain you will always find a company that will charge less and claim high safety standards. The FAA sets minimum safety standards that must be complied with, not maximum. After all, they have to start somewhere to assure the flying public that a certified Air Carrier meets certain standards, i.e training, maintenance, operational capability. This is critical to the safety of flight, however, this where the rubber meets the runway financially. There is a substantial difference in the different operators cultures,  We know, and we’ve seen it.

Some of the private jet charter operators cultures are to spend as little as possible and to maximize profits as much as possible. This is why some aircraft and crews are trained differently than other aircraft and crews depending on the internal culture of the air carrier.  The same culture goes for the maintenance, upkeep, an image of the air carriers aircraft.  Then there are the air carriers who put safety and excellence above the financial bottom line, this is not to say there not there for profit. The difference is that they rely on their excellence safety, quality, and reputation to attract the most discriminating clients, like you.  So how do you tell the difference? 

Able American Jets

Before you fly with us you will know everything about the aircraft the pilots and the aircraft’s history. With Most other operators you will not know these qualities until you have paid the price and the aircraft has arrived on the ramp.

It’s the little things that can tell you whether a aircraft operator has the highest quality or not, like condition of tires, the appearance of the flight crew. The attention to detail at Able American Jets is our priority and we guarantee the highest level of safety, a complete and total transparent certification before you fly. This is why Able American Jets is proud to be one of the select few Wyvern authorized brokers. We have built a reputation over the last 35 years based on Safety, Quality, Transparency, and Customer Confidence, it is our mission.

When it comes to private jet charter service there is nothing more important than the customers complete trust and confidence in the relationship with whom arranges the charter flights for them and their families. Not a single flight is released without my personal involvement with the safety and quality for my customers. This is my pledge to you.  The list of celebrities, dignitaries’s, and businesses that I have personally overseen or personally flown for the last 35 years is very long and distinguished.

Indian River Foods, Becker Holding, Graves Brothers Packing, Professional Golf Association PGA, The Speakers Bureau, Target Stores, Avmed, WCW, Ted Turner Broadcasting, National Broadcasting Company-NBC, US Marshals Service, US Secret Service, US Presidential candidates and their families, US Generals,  three Governors of Florida,Sheriff Departments, and a long list of celebrities, and other politicians, that have entrusted in our company and in our name for the past 35 years.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

After having to transport my father in an emergency air ambulance with Able American Jets, there was one thing that stood out in my mind. After the flight you thought to call and ask me how my father was doing, thank you! I feel that you and your organization truly cares about the people that requires your services. I will always remember your kindness and Will enthusiastically refer to Able American Jets to anyone in need of your services.

Debbie Collier

Prior to contacting Able American Jets we investigated several other companies. Able American Jets showed the highest level of professionalism and we are very happy with our decision to fly with them as many times as we have. The management team along with the aircraft and flight crews was evidence of the professional commitment to the aviation industry. We would recommend their services highly to any one in the flying community.

David McCurry

Champion Motors

This letter is written in response to the excellent service that Able American Jets have provided Panorama Flight over the last several years for charter concierge service. Aircraft and personnel Able American jets provides conforms to the highest standards in the industry and the response to our needs are always in a timely manner. We will recommend your service to all of our potential clients.

Philip M. Robbins

Panorama Flight


US President Charter Flights - Able American Jets
US Secret Service Charter Flights - Able American Jets
US Marhsall Charter Flights - Able American Jet Charter Services
Palm Beach County Sheriff Charter Flights - Able American Jets
NCB - Able American Jet Charter Services
Target Stores - Able American Jet Charter Services
PGA - Able American Jet Charter Services
WCW - Able American Jet Charter Services

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Our Private Jet Charter Flight Services – One Call Does It All

Air Charter Concierge Services

We will arrange door to door service for the best safety and quality you expect and deserve any where in the world. One call does it all.

Able American Jets - Jet Card for Charter Flight Services

Able American Private Jet Options: Fractional Ownership and Aircraft Management Programs

Our programs offer many flexible plans. Whether you want to own your own aircraft, a share of an aircraft, or need management of your aircraft, we have the program to meet your needs.

We Offer 50 hour, 25 hour, and 5 hour Able Jet Cards that allows you the freedom of calling 24 hours a day and having a jet come to you without delay, without having to pre-qualify. We also offer flexible family and corporate jet membership programs. As an Able Jet Card holder you are eligible for aircraft upgrades, no empty leg charges, and free premium catering. Your complete delight is our goal.

Air Ambulance Services - Able American Jets

Air Ambulance Concierge Services

Air Ambulance arrangements can be made worldwide with only the best providers in our network, excluding any Intrastate Medical Transports where those regulations may apply.
If you are an Able Jet Card holder then you are automatically provided that service within the hourly limit of your card.
FAA Compliance - Able American Jets

FAA Compliance Services for Operators

We also provide many services for other operators, this is a list of consulting services available but not limited to :

  • FAA Air Carrier consultant for Manual Development and Compliance
  • Alcohol and Drug Abatement Consultancy
  • Aircraft and Airport Security Consultancy
  • Aviation Law Associates
  • Pilot Services / Screening / Placement
  • Aircraft Sales and Acquisition

Able American Jets – A Wyvern-Authorized Private Jet Charter Broker

We are proud and pleased to be one of the few that meet the stringent quality, safety, and service that is recognized by Wyvern Consulting, LLC.”Elevating Safety, Every day”

We are also the only local Wyvern-Authorized Private Jet Charter Flight service in the Vero Beach, Stuart  and Treasure Coast Area of Florida.

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