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A New Paradigm in “Air Charter Safety, Transparency, and Customer Flexibility“


Charter Jet Safety, Transparency and FlexibilityOur air charter company is not about price, we’re about safety, pricing transparency, flexibility, and customer delight. If you’re looking for a bargain you will always find a company that will charge less and claim high safety standards. The FAA sets minimum safety standards that must be complied with, not maximum. After all they have to start somewhere to assure the flying public that a certified Air Carrier meets certain standards i.e training, maintenance, operational capability. This is critical to the safety of flight, however this where the rubber meets the runway, financially. There is a substantial difference in the different operators cultures,  I know, I’ve seen it.

Some of the operators cultures are to spend as little as possible and to maximize profits as much as possible. This is why some aircraft and crews are trained differently than other aircraft and crews depending on the internal culture of the air carrier.  The same culture goes for the maintenance, upkeep, an image of the air carriers aircraft.  Then there are the air carriers who put safety and excellence above the financial bottom line, this is not to say there not there for profit. The difference is that they rely on their excellence safety, quality, and reputation to attract the most discriminating clients, like you.  So how do you tell the difference? 


Able American Jets

Able American Jet Charter ServicesBefore you fly with us you will know everything about the aircraft the pilots and the aircraft’s history. With Most other operators you will not know these qualities until you have paid the price and the aircraft has arrived on the ramp.

It’s the little things that can tell you whether a aircraft operator has the highest quality or not, like condition of tires, the appearance of the flight crew. The attention to detail at Able American Jets is our priority and we guarantee the highest level of safety, a complete and total transparent certification before you fly. This is why Able American Jets is proud to be one of the select few Wyvern authorized brokers. We have built our air charter company and our reputation over the last 35 years based on Safety, Transparency, and Customer Flexibility.

When it comes to private jet charter service there is nothing more important than the customers complete trust and confidence in the relationship with whom arranges the flights for them and their families. Not a single flight is released without my personal involvement with the safety and quality for our customers. This is our pledge to you.  The list of celebrities, dignitaries’s, and businesses that we have personally overseen or personally flown for the last 35 years is very long and distinguished.

Indian River Foods, Becker Holding, Graves Brothers Packing, Professional Golf Association PGA, The Speakers Bureau, Target Stores, Avmed, WCW, Ted Turner Broadcasting, National Broadcasting Company-NBC, US Marshals Service, US Secret Service, US Presidential candidates and their families, US Generals,  three Governors of Florida,Sheriff Departments, and a long list of celebrities, and other politicians, that have entrusted in our air charter company and in our company name for the past 35 years. Let our experience provide you with a luxurious experience you’ll never forget.


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A Letter From Our President

Able American Jets is the result of a long exciting journey that was started in 1986 when we saw a need for air ambulance/air charter service in our community. Now with our air charter company name almost three decades old and multiple fleets of aircraft ranging from turbojets, jet props, and piston powered cabin class airplanes, we realized why we grew to be such a mature and respected worldwide company. Our commitment to safety, quality, pricing transparency, and customer confidence sets us apart. It is our goal at Able American Jets to not just have client satisfaction but to give the client a result of delight in service.

Arranging flights with Able American Jets is an experience that will overwhelm you with service, professionalism, attention to detail, and the most important, your absolute comfort and safety. I have a complete and total open-door policy with all of our employees (team members). I personally review all areas of operation with all team members every single day. This provides our team with the communication that is required to create a wonderful and exciting working atmosphere of making decisions that are in the best interest for you…. Our client.

We are thrilled to be part of this journey, and cherish every client that has ever flown or will fly with our air charter company in the future. If you are a client now, you know exactly what we’re saying is true. If you are thinking of trying our service, then please call us and experience the Able American Jets difference for yourself. Experience the thrill of being treated like you have never been before, experience our wonderful team, Able American Jets.


At Your Service,

Gary L. Burdsall

President / CEO



We only use Wyvern approved aircraft


Our access to wholesale flight pricing is unmatched


We are 100% transparent in all of our pricing


Our large network provides unmatched scheduling flexibility

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Meet Our Team

Gary Burdsall

Gary Burdsall

President & CEO

Gary’s aviation career started right after high school when he went directly to flight school.  He graduated from FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach in 1977, graduating top of his class as a fully certified flight instructor.

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Larry Leet

Larry Leet

Vice President / Director of Sales

In 1998 Larry entered into the air charter and air ambulance industry, one of the most demanding and competitive areas of transportation.

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Mike Shaffer

Mike Shaffer

Vice President / Chief Marketing Officer

Mike brings 16+ years managing and developing marketing strategies for start-up companies to fortune 500 automotive, retail, and media outlets. He is also a University Professor lecturing on these same topics.

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John Crawford

John Crawford

Executive Vice President

John demonstrated a talent for business and customer relations at an early age. Graduating from United Local High School in 1989, Malone University in 1993 BA Business Administration, John entered the business of working with companies and customers immediately.

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