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Gary Burdsall began his aviation career right after high school when he went directly to flight school.  He graduated from FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach in 1977, graduating top of his class as a fully certified flight instructor.  The FlightSafety Academy gave him the opportunity to instruct commercial airline pilots from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Uganda, Sweden, and many other countries.

After a year and a half at the FlightSafety Academy as a senior instructor, he was hired to become a Learjet first officer for the MGC Corporation in Melbourne, Florida.  From that point forward, he has flown many different types of Jets, turboprops, multi-engine aircraft, and helicopters.  One of his greatest opportunities was being hired by Indian River Foods/Becker Holding Corporation as their Chief Pilot in 1980. During his first few years in Vero Beach, he saw a need for a jet air ambulance and air charter service for the Treasure Coast area.  Gary was inspired by the entrepreneurship of Richard and William Becker and decided to start Able Aviation in 1987, which would become Able American Jets.

Safety in aviation has always been one of his greatest passions.  Gary was appointed one of the first FAA Accident Prevention Counselors (APC) in 1981, bringing the first FAA Aviation safety seminars to the Treasure Coast area on a monthly basis for more than a decade.  Gary maintained that appointment for many years, known today as a FAASteam Representative.

Able American Jets grew exponentially into one of the largest air charter, air ambulance, and ground ambulance companies in the United States.  By 2001, it was operating two (2) FAA Air Carrier Certificates, 12 Jets, 4 turboprop King Airs, 24 ground ambulances, and a jet engine overhaul facility for GE CJ 610 and CF 700′s.  Able American Jets operates five domiciles throughout the United States and transports patients and charter clients all over the world.

As Founder of Able American Jets, Gary Burdsall realized their most valuable assets are their people, safety record, quality, and clients’ confidence.  During that time, Gary was also Director of Operations, Chief Pilot, and Company Check Airman, overseeing all training programs for the pilots.

From 2003 until 2013, the company operated as American Jets under new management that Gary appointed.  Gary continued as Vice President, Chief Pilot, and Company Check Airman, overseeing all training programs for the pilots.  Gary simultaneously became the Training Center Manager for the SimCom Training Center in Vero Beach, Florida, overseeing all flight training for the New Piper Aircraft factory and its clients from 2004 to 2006. He was very driven and enjoyed the challenge of both operations.  Gary acquired 30+ years’ experience at the helm as founder, President, Vice President, Chief Pilot, and Check Airman of the Able American Jets / American Jets flight departments.

Today, Gary Burdsall is taking the new Able American Jets and continuing as a Wyvern approved brokerage/concierge service operating multiple fleets of exquisite aircraft.  He will utilize the experience, knowledge, and resources that he gained over a long period to bring you the best product in the industry.  Gary is a retired jet pilot with more than 14,000 hours of flight time.  He was a Certified Airline Transport Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and Flight Instructor for Turbo Jets, Jet Props, All Piston Aircraft, and Helicopters.  Again, it is his goal to draw on all of his experience to bring you the best in safety, quality, transparency, and customer confidence in all standard and empty leg flights.

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