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Executive Vice President

John Crawford demonstrated a talent for business and customer relations at an early age. Graduating from United Local High School in 1989, Malone University in 1993 BA Business Administration, John entered the business of working with companies and customers immediately. He was promoted and worked as the manager for the “84 Lumber Company” from 1993 to 1994. He then went into Commercial Construction as a Project Manager with very successful projects ranging from $1 Million to $70 Million until 1997 in Nashville, TN.

Then the aviation bug hit him hard, he always wanted to be a pilot and now had the financial means to make it happen. John’s incredible and very dedicated driving personality would have him cash in all of his savings and property just to move to Vero Beach. This was so he could attend the finest and highest accredited flight school in the world, FlightSafety, International. He went from zero time to a Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot with an Instrument Rating within just six months, considered very aggressive in even the FlightSafety Academy full on training environment.  Only one day after passing his last check ride and Graduating FlightSafety, he took his first flying interview. This interview was at Able American Jets operations in Fort Pierce in the Super King Air 300 as a First Officer candidate. After an extensive process I and my colleagues at Able American Jets saw the potential in John and he was bought on board.

Able American Jets: 1998-2003, Captain and First Officer John Crawford started flying everything in our stable, from the small Cessna 210, Maule 235, to the Super King Air and the Lear Jets. We use to kid that “John could fly a trash can lid if he had to”, very talented pilot and extremely good with clients.

During his time at Able American Jets, John Crawford was assigned to fly some of our most prestigious clients, Target Stores, AvMed, and The Speakers Bureau. This is where John really shined, he flew Burt Reynolds, former New York Governor Pataki , Major League Baseball pitcher David Cone, Congressman McCullum, Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Gen. Colin Powell, and so many to list I cannot even remember. The point is that John has a real talent for customer service, or he would not have had those assignments.

Very cool under extreme pressure: John had one of the most dangerous, terrifying, and life threatening incidents in his aviation career when our Cessna 210 throttle cable failed after taking from Tampa International with Able American Jets attorneys and my brother-law on board after a company meeting. They were returning to Fort Pierce base when the throttle cable failed and the engine quit just after takeoff, John very quickly realized that they were in serious trouble at only 2,500 feet with nothing but city and buildings in front of him. He made an immediate turn back to the airport knowing that it was a high risk maneuver, but their only chance not hit someone on the ground. He immediately applied all his FlightSafety and Able American Jets training and positioned the aircraft in the optimal glide configuration and aimed for the airport boundary. The aircraft was full of passengers, and no one said a word, according to my Brother-in law. Even the flight controllers were not confident that this would work, however it did. John touched down just at the beginning of the pavement on the runway with nothing left for energy or lift. This was his “Sullenberger moment”. John was absolutely a “Hero” that day, but just like Captain Sullenberger, he will tell you he also very lucky that all the training and the environment came together, you can see it in his eyes when he re-tells the story.

Today, John Crawford has been very successful in real estate, after he left able American Jets in 2003. John has come back to us as our Executive Vice President of Sales and Customer Service. I am ecstatic to have such a great team for our new Able American Jets Concierge Company. He will impress you with his insight and understanding of what our customers need and demand. He is a true example of our motto “Safety, Quality, and Customer Confidence! “

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