Larry Leet - Able American JetsLarry Leet

CEO / Director of Sales

In 1998 Larry Leet entered into the air charter and air ambulance industry, one of the most demanding and competitive areas of transportation.After an extensive interview and indoctrination process Larry started as a flight coordinator with a five member team coordinating 16 aircraft ranging from Turboprops to Jets. As a member of the sales team, he accelerated in sales and leadership. Within two years, Larry was promoted to Director of Sales and Flight Coordination overseeing the entire department. Larry quickly realized the importance of working closely with the Marketing Department. Larry coupled Marketing Strategies with Customer Satisfaction, which ultimately increased Customer Satisfaction, Client Loyalty and Sales. Due to his leadership skills and sales history, Larry was appointed to Vice President in 2006.

Larry Leet has nearly two decades at Able American Jets / American Jets dealing with some of the most discriminating clients in the charter industry. He also is very experienced and pivotal in dealing with the air ambulance division in transporting some of the most critical and time sensitive patient transports. He obtained most of his strong customer confidence skills arranging flights, managing flight crews, and assisting clients from start to finish.

Larry personally managed some of the most demanding client bases Able American Jets had a privilege of dealing with, i.e. HCA, The PGA, Target Stores, Avmed Insurance, Speakers Bureau, Champion Motors, and a host of celebrities, dignitaries, and Jet Management clients.

Larry’s professional, friendly, straight forward approach and attention to detail has earned him the trust of multi-million dollar clients and admiration of both myself and his fellow associates. Larry knows the success of any company depends upon complete customer satisfaction and confidence. He rapidly developed a reputation that if you wanted the job done you asked for Larry.

To this day Larry Leet, along with Able American Jets is totally dedicated to safety, quality, and customer confidence. Throughout his years at Able American Jets, Larry has always placed the client first, excelling in customer satisfaction and creating customer confidence. With his extensive aviation sales experience, Larry is the ideal candidate to translate the client’s needs and expectations into results. Larry strives to create and retain strong customer and vendor relationships through his belief in personal attention and open communication. He truly executes the entire operation, obtaining the trust of each and every client he works with.

So just give him a call and say “handle it”, I know, because it worked every time a client did!

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