Air Ambulance Services

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Air Ambulance Services


Air Ambulance Services - Able American Jets

Our Air Ambulance Services can be arranged worldwide with only the best providers in our network, excluding any Intrastate Medical Transports where those regulations may apply.

Able American Jets is the leader in the worldwide air ambulance services with over 30 years experience. Able American Jets continues to set the emergency medical transport standards for the 21st century with our are flying intensive care units. Able American Jets responded to emergencies around the globe, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Today Able American Jets provides air ambulance concierge services that are managed by the same skilled and trained professionals that made us a leading air ambulance operation.

Within moments of receiving an emergency call, our flight coordination center selects the appropriate accredited air ambulance companies and aircraft that have been screened and scrutinized to the highest standards of our previous experience. Once that selection is made, Able American Jets coordinates all the details to respond to you or your loved ones needs anywhere in the world. One call handles it all.

Once airborne, constant satellite communications are maintained with our flight operations center. Physicians are able to monitor patient condition and progress during flight. Our flight coordinators monitor the progress of the flight and coordinate ground ambulance and support personnel.

Medical concierge service by Able American Jets  provides a wide range of accredited and certified air ambulance companies throughout the world. You cannot obtain this type of versatility by being just one operator. Our vast experience and documented history shows that we have the right choice for you to be sure you’re receiving the best service and price available during this time of need.

If your company is a third-party administrator, please contact us for our services because we are able to provide the most versatility, price, and response than any other operation available.

If you are an individual or executive who travels a abundantly. Please ask about our Air Medical Concierge Membership. This allows you the peace of mind to know that we are always at your disposal at any time, 24 x 7 to arrange for any emergency aeromedical evacuation and / or repatriation.

Able American Jets has built a reputation on safety, quality, transparency, and customer confidence over the past 30 years. Our air ambulance services will always be there because we care, this is our pledge to you.


Our Air Ambulance Aircraft

Specialty Care Transport - Able American JetsAll aircraft are FAA Air Carrier approved, certified, dedicated, and accredited air ambulances. The choice of aircraft depends on the mission and speed of each transport. If you are in need of critical time sensitive service due to injury or surgery, then a high speed jet would be necessary. This would of course be the in the Lear Jet Class for this type of transport. Being the most recognized choice for speed and reliability in the industry. If the transport is of a lesser urgent nature, then possibly a Turbo-Propeller or Jet Prop like the Super King Air might be the right choice for cost and comfort.

This is what we do, we select the best option depending on what the Medical Director feels is in the best safety for the patient. The on board medical teams are always ACLS qualified nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapist, and doctors that are selected by the Medical Director for each flight. All aircraft are flying intensive care units, i.e. we are usually the highest level of care when we arrive at some of the more secluded islands and Caribbean nations.

You will know the type of aircraft and team that has been arranged before the flight begins, this is a very important reason for selecting Able American Jets.

Able Air Ambulance - Safety, Responsiveness, and Peace of Mind

Our air ambulance services provide trusted care, anytime, anywhere.

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