Air Ambulance FAQs


Air Ambulance Services: Who Cares For The Patient During Transport?

Air Ambulance FAQs

Able Air Ambulance Services employs trained medical professionals to care for patients during transport. Each medical team is comprised of a critical care paramedic and a registered flight nurse. The team of professionals has been trained to handle emergency medicine, critical care and other specialty services. For this reason, the flight crew is able to handle a plethora of incidences that can occur during transport. Able Air Ambulance ensures that you or a loved one is well cared for during transport by employing only skilled, medical professionals.

How Many Air Ambulance Services Medical Professionals Accompany Each Transfer?

Air Ambulance FAQs

A team of medical specialists is available on each flight with Able Air Ambulance. This team consists of at least two trained medical personnel. One of whom will be either a registered flight nurse specializing in critical care or a licensed medical physician. Additionally, each flight may also employ the assistances of a licensed paramedic.

Each member of the medical staff is board certified and has at least three years of experience in emergency medicine. Additionally, each staff member undergoes rigorous training before being allowed to work with flight patients. All members of Able Air Ambulance must have 100 hours of continuing education in clinical and didactic training each year. Finally, after each flight a review is performed to ensure quality care has been given.

Air Ambulance FAQs - Able American Jets

To help protect a patient’s health, Able Air Ambulance’s medical team remains beside the patient from the beginning of transport until the end. The flight begins when the medical team arrives at the patient’s bedside. The flight crew speaks with the attending medical staff and assesses the patient’s overall condition prior to transport. Once this is completed, the team stays with the patients in a ground ambulance to the medical flight’s airfield location. During this time, the medical personnel constantly monitor the patient’s condition. Once the flight is completed, the medical team stays with the patients during ground transport to the receiving hospital. Upon arrival at the receiving facility, the team stays with the patient until the patient is settled into his or her room. Finally, the flight team consults with the hospital’s medical team before departing the hospital. All of these steps help ensure the patient receives the best medical care throughout the transportation.

What Medical Equipment And Medications Are Provided By Able Air Ambulance Services?

Air Ambulance FAQs

Able Air Ambulance ensures that their medical staff has everything they need to protect the patient during transport. Our air ambulance services includes a ventilator, defibrillator, IV equipment, oxygen cardiac monitors and resuscitation equipment as well as any other specialty equipment the patient may need during transport, including medications, intubation equipment and ACLS drug complement.

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