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Looking For Empty Leg Flights?

Our highly trained flight coordinators have located thousands of empty leg flights, saving our clients time and money!

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Empty Leg Flights – Able American Jets

Empty Leg Flights - Able American JetsBooking empty leg flights are a very common method of air travel. It can provide a less expensive and more convenient and flexible way to fly.

Empty leg flights, back calls, or share rides are very common terms in the aviation industry.  When trying to find the lowest price or best value for a particular trip, empty legs are a great way to go.

These “empty leg” terms are used to describe an aircraft that is either enroute or returning from a flight with no passengers on board. The plane could have delivered passengers or is on its way to pick up passengers with no passengers on board. This is a very common opportunity for individuals, corporations, or charter brokers to provide a flight for as little as a quarter of the full price. This situation works when an aircraft doesn’t have passengers on board during a portion of the flight. If there are paying passengers going round-trip, then the term empty leg / share a ride / backhaul is not applicable.

Our Empty Leg Flights Program

Able American Jets continues to monitor hundreds of operators for empty leg opportunities for our clients. Whether you are an able jet card member or a first time customer, we will always try to find you an empty leg flight. If you know when you’re traveling and can be flexible on your travel dates we can arrange on for you.

This gives our flight coordinators the flexibility to give you maximum value in savings. We are notified of hundreds of empty leg flights from all sizes of jets and turbo props on a daily basis. These empty leg opportunities are plentiful and extremely reasonable in price. You could end up paying as little as just a few hundred dollars to fly one way.

We schedule empty leg flights constantly and can easily accommodate you. Just let us know when and where you need to go, and where you are located. We will find empty leg flights that will fit your needs and your budget. Able American Jets empty leg flights program is a great way to try our services. It will also give you the insight to decide whether, or not to become a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Able Jet Card Member.


Empty Leg Examples

An example of this would be an aircraft departing from its base of operation and taking a paying passenger or passengers to Miami Florida. If the flight requires to drop the passengers off, then the airplane needs to return to its home base empty. Typically the flight is already priced round-trip. That said, the aircraft operator knows they will get full price for the aircraft going both ways. A client of a charter broker is able to utilize this “Empty Leg” flight to return to a home base or any airport that is along the route of return.

Since the first and second part of these flights have already been paid for, the operator of the aircraft will be collecting additional revenue by filling these “Empty Leg Flights”.

These empty leg prices can be greatly reduced because the aircraft needs to return to its home base. Additionally, you can return the aircraft within just a few hundred miles of that region and still see tremendous savings. The only additional cost would be for any mileage used due to not flying directly to the plane’s home base.


Examples of Typical Empty Leg Flight Costs

Departure Arrival Aircraft Avg Cost
Ft. Lauderdale New York Hawker 400XP $11k
Los Angeles Las Vegas Cessna 421 $4k
Dallas Chicago Citation III $10k
New York Los Angeles Gulfstream G550 $29k

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Looking For Empty Leg Flights?

Our highly trained staff have located thousands of empty leg flights, saving our clients time and money!

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